Top Sites to Share Large Files Online through Internet

Want to share a file with your friend which is in GBs and thinking how to do it from a distance? Try these Top Sites to Share large Files Online through the Internet which can help you to make your task easy without risking Social Distancing.

All these tools are self tried and tested befor sharing with you as then only we are mentioning them here. You might even know about some of them but maybe not all? We hope you use like the list of Large Files Sharing Online Tools to share files & even some great Alternatives are also listed for all, check them out as well.

Top Sites to Share Large Files Online through Internet- Whole List

Top Sites to Share Large Files Online through Internet


MediaFire a Free tool to share Files online with 50GB Free Space with Sign in that you can expand by some bucks if you want.

On this, you can Upload any type of File or can Create Folders & can share the File Link with the receiver.

The person can Download the File by clicking on the link without any sign-in req. and its fast, secure & reliable. You can sign in using Facebook or Google Account


A site with 10GB Free Space that avails you to send any file from Internet directly to the receiver through Link or Directly or Email.

You can use this 10GB Space for Free that doesn’t bound you, just Upload it and Send it by signing in using Facebook or Google.

If you want to Upgrade then just pay $5.99 monthly & get 1TB Storage on your Plan every Month that is Huge… impressively its fast enough as well.


This provides you 5GB of Free Data to Transfer Files Online through Email. You don’t need to sign in, just enter your Email & Receiver Email>Upload Files>Share.

You can also use the Link sharing method as well & in Features, you get Self Destructuion Mode that means after a selected time Link or Mail will be Destroyed automatically.

Files more than 250MB Storage time is 7Days max. & less then 250MB you get 90 Days that a paid plan feature.

pCloud Transfer-

Site is known for its good capabilities for easy 100% Free No Registration Transfers of Large Files Online with 5GB of Free Storage.

Just Fill your and others Email ID, Upload File and Send it (with or without Encryption).


Well known but not m cup of tea as it just gives you 2GBs for Free to Transfer Files that isn’t that much for sending large files from your device, although it’s easy to use the Plans are also somehow much expensive than SendAnywhere.


Mega is a great alternative to share large files online, not even sharing but for storing as well it’s a great source. Here you get 50GB Space where you can upload files and can create a sharable link and can send it to anyone or even can attach it somewhere on your website or anything.

This is one of our personal favorites in terms of speed, easy to use interface, and size availability.

Google Drive-

If we are talking about Online File sharing so we can’t forget Google Drive, Google Drive is one of the best file-sharing site that allows you to store any kind of file ranging from documents, spreadsheets, PDFs, images, videos, movie, etc. It initially offers you free 15GB space which can be upgraded later with a nominal fee. The uploaded content is shareable with anyone by inputting the recipient’s email address and the access link will be delivered to their email address. You can share high-quality photos and large documents with anyone and they’ll be able to access them anytime. Drive also allow users to edit, modify, and control permission of the files by making them public or private.


Resources which we have mentioned here are in working condition and not dead or suspended. Also, they are safe as whatever data you keep in these will be excerpted on an end-to-end basis without any problem because security is also a matter of vision while performing any task on the Internet.

We have tried to make sure that list comprises of best files sharing platforms, not like any other which isn’t so useful, some other alternatives can also be found if you search online but these are the ones which we think are the best.

If talk about some other alternatives rather than these so OneDrive, SecurelySend, ZippyShare, AndroidHost are the sites which you can check if you want as from our site they are not so recommended compared to the mentioned.

We hope you like our this post and will support us by sharing it in your circle, remember social distancing is needed right now and with this means best practice is to share thing Online only.

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