Top 5 Android Keyboard Apps for All Types of Typists

Nowadays, if you are sitting in a café, in the Airport, public transport, or almost any place that has other people you will find yourself surrounded by the click-clacks and the tap-taps that people make when they type on their Android Keyboard. Go to one of those millennials cafes and you can find freelancers or budding entrepreneurs typing on their laptops. Or you could find teenagers giggling on the memes and texts.

There are so many types of types when it comes to modern-day use. If you have ever noticed the elderly typing you will find their special two-finger typing. You should see one of my uncle types like that finding where a letter is or struggling to understand the meaning of an emoji.

Then there are the Usain bolt typers who type really fast. Then there are the emoji enthusiasts whose each message is incomplete without the vibrant emojis. Then are internet junkies who have short forms for everything. And last but not least the perfectionists or the grammar nazis who always make sure their texts are error-free.

And I am not saying everyone suits into one type. I know I am a combination of Usain bolt and Internet Junkies.

But with so many types of typists, there are many Android Keyboard Apps that come into the picture. Now all smartphones come with a Android keyboard application of its own and most of the time this keyboard is passable for the kind of work you wish to do. It worked for me before I started writing articles. But if I get a new idea I couldn’t use that to make a quick voice note because it would correct my voice and save something much different than what I said.

So I thought I will curate this quick list for the best Android keyboard apps that will make it easier for you to choose the Android Keyboard app that fits with your kind of typing. Just a heads up the list has both paid and free tools.

Top 5 Android Keyboard for All Types of Typists

Best Android Keyboard are as Follows

AI Type Keyboard Plus + Emoji

Play Store Rating – 4.1

Cost – INR 240

Pros/Features –

  • Choose from thousands of free and attractive Android keyboard themes.
  • Design personalized layout using background, colors, and fonts. Share them with friends or upload them to our app.
  • 800 different emoji and more than 1000 graphical chars for you to enjoy.
  • Auto Emoji suggest.
  • Auto Next word prediction, completion & auto-correction
  • Write faster with the swipe typing feature.
  • Dictates the words as you type them with the voice narration feature.

Cons –

  • Most of the complaints from people using the app are that it does not justify being a paid tool.

AnySoft Keyboard

Play Store Rating – 4.1

Cost – Free

Pro/Features –

  • Completes your typed words from your contact names (Android 2.0+)!
  • Learn from your typing behavior to provide a next-word prediction.
  • Rare Multi-Touch support (as in, pressing SHIFT along with other characters).
  • Voice Input support (Android 2.2+).
  • Gesture support:
  • Theme support is available.
  • Night Mode: Quiet, Dark keyboard at night time.
  • Power-Saving Mode: No vibrations, sound, suggestions, and a dark theme.
  • Build-in abbreviations dictionary: create shortcuts for words and sentences.
  • Voice input


  • People complain that too many features lead to a messy app and gestures use can lead to entire texts getting suddenly deleted.

FancyKey Keyboards

Play Store Rating – 4.4

Cost – Free With In-App Purchases


  • Big Emoji Library (about 3200+ emoji & emoticons & emoji arts)
  • Advanced auto-correct & auto-suggest engine
  • More than 50+ themes to choose from
  • Fully customizable keyboard wallpaper and layout
  • 50+ typing sounds to select
  • Integrated emoji & emoticon keyboard which is compatible across all popular apps
  • One tap to input nicely crafted emoji compositions
  • Multiple typing effects
  • Type faster with the SWIPE input method.
  • Supports for 50+ languages.


  • People complain about it crashing a lot.


Play Store Rating – 4.3

Cost – Free With In-App Purchases


  • Access and share thousands of emojis with Fleksy’s full emoji keyboard.
  • Share and express your emotions via GIFs with the full GIF keyboard powered by GIPHY.
  • Get your hands on 50+ beautiful themes or create your own theme.
  • With its amazing Gestures typing is now easier.
  • It comes with a party of Mini-apps.
  • Fleksynext smart assistant recommends you apps, GIFs, and emojis.

Bobble AI

Play Store Rating – 4.6

Cost – Free With Ads

  • Express bigger with BigMojis.
  • Get your daily dose of Daily new Jokes, Shayaris, and Quotes to share with your friends.
  • Artificial Intelligence with amazing prediction algorithms.
  • Slide your finger and type faster with the globe typing.
  • Voice typing
  • Word Correction.
  • Customizable Keyboard Photo Themes
  • Cool Fonts
  • Get stickers in your native language.
  • Get the exact GIF by typing any word and long-pressing it.

All this talk about keyboard and I want to mention the current keyboard I have been using for typing in Bangla. I am so bad at typing Bangla.

But talking with family is just so much better when you do it in the language you grew up with. This Bangla keyboard App has actually been quite helpful. And if you are looking for a good keyboard to help you type Bangla then definitely give this a try. Download Bangla Keyboard Apk Click Here!

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