Top 5 Action Games You Must Try It Once

The best PC games can now evoke any mood and can hardly be more exciting. These can not only provide hours of entertainment, but also present you with great challenges.So, Here is the list of top 5 action games.

Hunt: Showdown

In Hunt: Showdown in the late 1890s, you travel alone or as a team through a swamp area and collect clues in search of a supernatural boss. But even though the shooter from Crytek confronts you with terrifying beasts and monsters, people are the greatest danger for you.

Other players start at the same time as you and pursue the same goal . This creates a PvEvP mix: Do you let the enemy hunters do the work for you and do you lie in wait for them when they are weakened? Do you retreat when things get tough? Or do you just shoot anything that moves?

Because Hunt on a permadeath system every decision needs to be carefully considered. If your hunter dies, it will be history forever. This unique concept and the mixture of tactics and shooter makes Hunt: Showdown the best multiplayer shooter of the year for us so far.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Let’s be honest: At this point everyone should know how a Call of Duty works and how it plays. You can easily download it or play online at As with FIFA, there is almost every year a new part to play, a new war to win and a new generation of multiplayer players to pull off, all of whom have already made friends with our mother.

And just like with FIFA, the new features in Call of Duty are particularly impressive. This is also the case with the new Modern Warfare, which – admittedly – does not come around the corner with the most creative name in series history.

Among other things, the revised graphics, the gripping atmosphere and the relatively unspent special forces setting left it behind our testers Dimi and Phil indulge in memories of exciting action thrillers like Sicario or Zero Dark Thirty. And even if Infinity Ward can’t throw enough patches down the throat of the numerous problems of multiplayer, the multiplayer mode of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is one of the most entertaining in a long time.

And then there is the brand new Warzone mode , which Call of Duty can now also serve the Battle Royale disciples. And our testers liked it so much that it catapulted Modern Warfare with a new rating of 89 directly to number 7 on the action charts.

Monster Hunter World: Iceborn

With Monster Hunter World , the legendary Japanese action role-playing game series dares to take the step on the PC for the first time , around six months after the console version, and it is absolutely convincing on the computer despite some deficiencies in porting.

At its core it’s about defeating bigger and bigger monsters. Their loot provides us with material for weapons or equipment that we craft to tackle even stronger beasts – a spiral of loot addiction. The heart of Monster Hunter World is of course the battles against mighty beasts.

They are not just dull chunks of AI, they are extremely credible. They start turf wars with one another and flee to their nest when they are injured. Anyone who has no problem with a lengthy grind will find plenty of game booty here. The extensive expansion Iceborne is an even fatter game (r) booty : In the course of this DLC, the player ends up in a completely new area, where previously unknown, but never before seen creatures are just waiting to be beaten up by us . The Iceborn expansion for Monster Hunter World is big – as are the critters that romp around in it. But our sword is still the biggest.

Resident Evil 2

Resident Evil 2 shows what a good remake should look like. 21 years after the original was released, Capcom is releasing the new edition of the horror classic – and is not afraid to make some big changes. The fixed camera perspective is history, but there is now a pursuer’s view in which you look over the shoulder of the hero.

Zombies now also chase you through doors, which takes away even more security. The story stays true to the original.You move through the zombie-infested Raccoon City again with either Leon S. Kennedy or Claire Redfield.

The exploration is always exciting thanks to the eerie sound design and the atmospheric lighting effects, one shock chases the next. And because of the revised and disgusting effects, Gore fans will also get their money’s worth.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider

Actually, the end of the world is no cause for joy. In Shadow of the Tomb Raider , however, the impending apocalypse provides the storyline for an outstanding adventure and a consistently successful conclusion to the new Tomb Raider trilogy .

If the story of the predecessor was still on the popcorn level, we can identify with the new, multi-layered Lara much better and even feel sympathy for her opponents.

In a playful way, the finale makes use of the fun basic concept of its predecessors , but offers new climbing and sneaking mechanics with significantly more variety. The extended underwater passages are also fun. The fact that the level of difficulty can be individually regulated for shooter passages, puzzles and climbing sections is exemplary and sets new genre standards.

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