PPC Marketing Services You Can Hire For Your Business

We all know, PPC or pay per click marketing services are usually used to bring instantaneous results for a business. It is a digital marketing technique that can deliver outstanding results with less effort and less time consumption.

However, when it comes to hiring PPC services, maximum people end up creating confusion – what to choose, what to exclude!

Knocking the door of a PPC management company in Delhi is meaningless if you don’t know what PPC services you are actually looking for.

But not to worry, if you are reading this article at the moment. Here we will discuss some common yet important PPC advertising services which are highly in demand by the marketers.

5 Different PPC marketing services you can hire for your business

5 Different PPC Marketing Services You Can Hire For Your Business

Search ads

Search ads are advertisements that are visible on search results. If you want your PPC ads to be visible to your audience whenever they make their desired searches, you must plan for having search ads.
Search ads should contain long-tail keywords so that anyone searching with this relevant query can find these ads at the top of the search engine result page. Using Google AdWords you can easily create one search ad and set up your advertisement.
The process is easier to attract new leads and drive results for the organizations.

Display ads

Displays ads appear on the websites partnered by Google itself. The ads carry a high-quality photo and some text featuring the product the advertiser wants to sell or promote. If you want to generate traffic from other sources and reach out to more people, you can surely go for this display ad.
Display ads are displayed only to some filtered people who are interested in your product. You can filter out your targeted audience by examining the people who have visited your competitor websites. Reaching out to them every time and promoting your product is a great way to generate more customers.
Display ads are a great choice if you have discovered your customer’s mind. Let them now discover your brand and your products.

Social ads

Social ads as the name suggests are the advertisements made on social media platforms. If you are interested to connect with your social media users, these ads can definitely work the best.
Choose platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter to start advertising your products. These popular platforms take no time to build high engagement and drive more prospects to the landing page.
However, you have to take care of the formats. Different social media platforms require different formats. You have to take this seriously and follow the trend to create an engaging ad copy for your campaign.
For example, if you are using Facebook, you can filter your audience based on demographics, location, interests, behavior, education, etc.

Remarketing ads

Are you planning to target the prospects who once have visited your online store but have made no purchase yet? With remarketing ads, you can reengage your targeted audience and convert them into customers.
Remarketing ads can be run on Google. This will help you to find your lost leads and nourish them properly for better results. Remarketing helps you target customers for reconsidering your brand. Just use it and build more conversions.

Gmail sponsored ads

Gmail sponsored ads are another best way to generate interested leads simply by using your mailbox. Just like some promotional emails, you can create ad mails with a bold subject line.

Create Gmail sponsored ads in such a way that users can view them both from desktop and mobile app. You can filter your mail by filtering your targets by affinity audiences, in-market, demographic, and customer matches.
No doubt, these sponsored ads are an excellent choice for your business.


Unlike SEO, PPC is expensive. But it has the potential to bring traffic to the website instantly. Although it contains a few drawbacks, it contributes a lot in generating qualified leads for the business.

Reach out to the best digital marketing agency in Kolkata and speak to their PPC strategist to plan a PPC campaign in an effective way.

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