How to Root Android smartphone?

How to Root Android Devices has been a question for most of the users. Android devices occupy the most of the market share right now. Be it Android or iOS Devices, every user likes to customize their smartphone in terms of look & Feel, Performance or be it anything in terms of additional features.

Generally there are 2 types of People:

1. A Normal smartphone user: This is a kind of person that usually uses the phone normally. This means, these kind of users generally don’t fiddle much with their smartphones.

2. A Power user: Power users are those people who actually try and test to their devices of what they are capable of. It can be in terms of performance tweaks, or any other sort which improves the functionality. The People who are into rooting Android and tweaking their performance fall under this category.

What is Rooting?

Rooting means allowing smartphones or Devices running operating system get additional user privileges and operate to their maximum potential. It can be termed as Administrative access for the smartphone where you can tweak it and additional functionality can be added. Many users might not be aware on How to Root Android devices.

Is Rooting illegal?

No, Rooting isn’t illegal and there’s nothing wrong with it. It means removing the restrictions imposed by the Device manufacturer through software. Many Manufacturers do legally allow you to root your Smartphone whereas some manufacturers don’t allow this. A great example of this is Apple devices and they don’t allow Jailbreaking your device.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Improves Performance
  • Improves functionality
  • Better control over the device
  • Support for other applications
  • Kernel Control
  • Custom OS can be installed


  • Might void warranty in some cases
  • Hard Bricking in case anything goes wrong
  • Incorrect configuration leading to Data loss

How to Root Android smartphone?

There’s a Simple process to follow which will help you rooting Android devices. All you need is a PC, A good internet connection (in case anything goes wrong), a Data cable and Your smartphone of course.

  1. Start off by finding Suitable Drivers and seeing how to root Android over XDA, You’ll certainly find many guides related to your smartphone.
  2. Download these drivers, TWRP and Magisk Manager.
  3. Flash your TWRP and then install Magisk Manager.

Voila! You’re rooted now. You can check if your device is rooted or not through Root Checker Apps. This was our Short guide on How to Root Android smartphones.

Note: This might not work on Every device as many devices have different types of Methods which are used.

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