How to get more Facebook likes?

Facebook likes have been a hot topic and how you can get more Facebook likes is even more. Many people purchase them through panels whereas many get them organically. But, before all of this, you should know how to create an engaging content and then we can hop onto a very special trick on how you can get maximum Facebook likes through the use of Facebook Ads.

Facebook is a social networking platform that was built by Mark Zuckerberg while he was in Harvard University in 2003. It was originally called ‘Facemash’ but throughout the years it has evolved, faced lawsuits, grown over in terms of team sizes as well as audience.

Evolution of Facebook 2004-Present

The audience has played a major role in this, be it engaging onto posts, sharing them throughout the world which gets you more page likes. The audience is the strongest force in any business and without it, everything is reduced to ZERO.

You might be thinking what are we trying to convey right? The article says ‘How to get more Facebook Likes?’ whereas we’re telling about audience only. So, here’s the catch. The audience always plays an important role over your posts. If you create a good and catchy post, audience will engage and if you don’t you know the outcome. This is why, Meme sharing, video pages do very well as compared to Tech or any media website pages. As an audience, you’ll or I’ll also like content that makes me laugh till my stomach hurts and not some nerdy facts about computers on ‘This is How big was the First Hard Disk’. Everyone has a personal choice though.

How to Create Engaging Content for more Facebook Likes

There are ways that you should follow in order to create engaging content for your audience in order to get maximum for your efforts. Let’s look at how you can maximize your page audience.

Know your Audience

It is always important to know your audience and what kind of content they’re interested in. Try posting a variety of content and see which ones get the most reactions within a short period of time. The more you know the audience, more are the Facebook likes

Maintain a Post Frequency

Most of the times, what many social media handles do is posting alot or very less. The ideal frequency can be said to be anything between 1-3 posts a day. In case, you increase this frequency the audience might get irritated of seeing only your content over their feed and unfollow. In case, you go on posting irregularly then the algorithms might not come in your favor. The algorithm of Facebook works more on frequency and Instagram one works on the base like if you post a photo and it gets at least 100 likes(rough estimate) within a minute of posting and it continues with the same pace. There’s a chance that it can reach the explore page easily and once it happens, all the engagement skyrockets.

Try ending your posts with interesting questions

Have you ever seen meme pages ono Facebook posting contents like ‘Tell me in the comments, how many triangles do you see?’ or something more intriguing. This makes the audience respond and engage with the post resulting in increase of visibility to the rest of the audience in the suggested column.

Variety of Content

The more the variety, the more audience engagement and that’s a fact. Following the same example of meme pages, here’s the following you should try.

  1. Short informative posts
  2. Videos
  3. Memes related to your niche
  4. Small creatives like posters or Gifs

Host contests and Giveaways

A page can also grow by this method. What you can do is set milestones like whenever you reach a certain number of Page Likes, you can host a Giveaway. This not only helps to reach a wider set of audience but also increases your content’s future engagement rate.

Apart from this now, There’s something in trend right now about Engagement rate. Many brands have started focusing on this for their campaigns in 2020. Let’s find out what it is.

What is Engagement rate?

Engagement rate is basically the average rate of your audience which interacts with your posts. This can be calculated by:

Engagement Rate= Total number of reactions per post/No. of followers X 100

How better engagement rates help?

You all might not know this but after all these controversies of Celebs and big names buying followers in the name of advertising, this has become a more open game right now. The Law Enforcements are now after questioning big people in order to bust these panel followers thing. Now, due to this move by the Law enforcement agencies, the brands who engaged in promotion of their product through influencers and big pages are well aware of this too. These followers and everything is a big number game where you throw in the money and increase your followers.

Big agencies have been looking into engagement rates right now in order to proceed with campaigns.


Trick to Gain more Facebook Likes from Facebook Ads

What I might be revealing here is going to upset all those people who have been doing this and earning a little.
So, Any type of ads can be set up on for your Facebook page until and unless it doesn’t contain anything abusive or Sexual. You might have to research about it a bit and see what’s the current trend. This means the topic that has been on trend for months or maybe a trending topic that doesn’t die the next day you put an ad.

Let’s say #JusticeforSSR is trending these days and many fan pages have emerged due to this and people are actually engaging with them, commenting over it and doing all sorts.

It isn’t ethically right to use someone’s death as a reason to promote or gain more audience or Facebook Likes.

The people who are behind these are getting huge profits when it comes to creating these kind of pages and then selling them once they’ve gained some good fanbase.

Steps to Get more Facebook likes on your Pages

Steps to Get more Facebook likes on your Pages
  1. Research about the topic that has been trending for 2 or more weeks. Let’s take Sushant Singh Rajput’s one for example.
  2. We create a poster where on the left hand side, We place the person’s image.
  3. On the right side of the image, Place a downward arrow and above that write this. SSR Fans like this or If you want #JusticeforSSR, like this page.
  4. After the poster creation has been done, move onto the next part of Ad creation.
  5. When you’re creating an Ad, do remember to select the ad objective as Facebook Page likes and not any other.
  6. Audience: The audience in this case or the best audience that can be chosen is 15-35. This is done because most of the people active on Facebook fall under this Bracket.
  7. Location: The location should be set to India only for now.
  8. Budget: You can set it to Rs. 200 for the number of days you want. Even if you don’t want to spend full 200, still that would be okay.
  9. Once, you’re done with all the above settings run your ad campaign.

After everything is set up and done, The ad campaign will easily fetch you around 0.05-0.12 Cost per like. This means even if you get 0.10 Cost per like, and you set the total budget of 200, this can easily fetch you around 2000 Facebook likes on an average.

This also depends upon how well the poster has been created. It isn’t too difficult because anything can be done with online editors now. You can check out Canva as it has some very good graphics and even without a Premium version, you can easily create some very good graphics.

Final Words

The Method above is for the people who want easy likes without spending much on Facebook likes. While, there are steps to grow organically mentioned in this same article. Good Luck and hope you find this useful.

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