How does Graphic Design help your Website?

There was a time, when design, drawings and art were seen only in hoardings and advertisement flexes on billboards. After business started having their own websites online, you could see the designs in a different way on mobiles, PC, laptops and other devices. Now, the same design which was done manually by artists has got modified with recent tools such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator etc. At present, graphic design is used in businesses for doing logos, websites, business products, stationeries, leaflets, brochures and other products. It is also true, the same technology is also used in packagingHow does Graphic Design help your Website?, books, branding, and magazine covers. In this article, let us discuss on how does graphic design help your website at all quarters.

How does Graphic Design help your Website?

Logo Design

Just visualize for a moment. How do you identify the famous shoe company? Nike? By its brand logo. Right? This is the work of the graphic designer and the marketing team. Nike has designed its logo and it has become popular. Now, it is the graphic designer’s job to put the same logo with the proper colours, angle and size on the company’s brochure, leaflets and business cards. Imagine the challenges. A change in logo of any company, and it can cause a downfall.

Establish Company Name

Every industry follows a certain design pattern. So, if you have a company with an online presence, it is necessary to follow the certain rules set in your industry. Only a graphic designer will know the limitations, colour patterns and other factors. Please note, a company product is recognized by its design and colour. So, a graphic designer is the person who ensures to follow the same pattern forever.

Builds an Identity in the Market

Let us assume, you have a graphic design company in Bangalore which offers the same set of services. Your services are sought by domestic as well as international clients. You also advertise online about the various service packages the company offers. But how will the internet audience understand your product? It is through the logo and the designs used by your marketing team.

Website Design Layout

In recent times, it is the graphic designer who first designs a layout and the client picks his/her choice. So, every well-designed website is first the result of hard work completed by a graphic designer.

Just imagine the situation. You are searching for some information on the internet. You use the voice assistant on your android phone and many websites appears on account of the searches. Now, one website can contain the best content, but if the layout is not proper, and the tabs, icons, buttons are not placed in proper fashion, the visual representation will not be attractive.

Image Formats

There are different types of image formats required in the website used for business cards and for brochures/images. The colour management, fonts & designs – every aspect needs to be perfect. These days, infographics are more used in articles to convey the right message. An expert can complete the infographic in less time. So, the content writer will use less time in writing the words and his words on the infographic can convey the message in a proper way to the audience.

Social Media Posts

It is the era of social media marketing and digital marketing. Nowadays, even celebrities hire digital marketing companies to retain their popularity and gain more number of followers. Also, to remain active, as a business owner, it is mandatory to know the type of social media platforms your target audience prefers. Your graphic designer, in co-ordination with the content writing team and social media team should create posts which strike a chord with the target audience.

Importance of Graphic Designers

The role of graphic designer comes to the fore when the company introduces a new product or service. It is a time, when the company has to announce to the world, about their new release. And what will be better than a proper image with right content and posting on social media? A graphic designer will have to work overtime to create an image which can create an impact on the target audience.

The concentration of a customer is limited to a few seconds. If the image does not capture their attention, they will move over to their next activity. So, it is the duty of a graphic designer to check the recent trends and adopt the styles in his/her design.

You know the statement – If there is one way to communicate a hundred words easily, it is through an image. People are shifting to videos because it involves less time. They do not have the time to go through lines and lines of words. The best alternative to convey than videos is to convey through an image – short and sweet.

Posting an image is easy on social media rather than posting content. When you post on relevant social media, it increases the visibility of the company products. Also providing a link on social media will increase traffic to the website.

There are many companies in the same industry. Every company has their different set of images, designs and style. It is up to the graphic designer to create an image that gets recognition from the target audience with a different style & design.


Hope the article has given you details on the importance of graphic design and graphic designers in any industry. Yes, there are many points which we could have added, but we want to keep the article on a short note. For more updates on technology, kindly subscribe to the newsletter.

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