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Going by the saying, “An ounce of protection is worth a pound of cure,” it’s better to avoid exposure, wear a face covering, maintain social distance, and frequent washings of hand with soaps. In order to keep a track of your health assistance in case of any emergency , you can get help through the Health apps.

Visiting a hospital and seeking medical care has become a nightmare now. Thank heavens, technology comes as a saviour during this pandemic. With the power of technology, we can still talk, video call doctors while being physically apart. You name it (PlayStore has it)! Fitness Apps, Teleconsultation apps, Meditations Apps, Yoga Apps, Health apps are some of the few great platforms that ease us to survive the pandemic and relieve stress.

Best Health Apps you should try

Top 5 Health apps for Android


Price: Pricing varies as per doctors

As we have adapted to the new normal of social distancing, Practo comes to our rescue in this hardship of self-isolation. It is the current leading health care platform connecting with India’s topmost doctors via chat, video consultation, book doctor appointments, getting digitally prescribed, book home lab tests, order medicines, and free follow-ups. It’s a one-stop-solution for all your medical needs, right from the luxury of your home.


Price: Free with in-app purchases

HealthifyMe is the most relished health and wellness app, with around 15 million active users. The app provides a complete lifestyle tracking program keeping its users engaged and driven to achieve their fitness goal. One striking feature is that you just have to scan a food item or type in; it will come up with no of calories. Customized services like a virtual coach, fitness training, calorie tracking, one-on-one nutrition, diet plans, and regular follow-ups have made it hit the mark.


Price: Free with in-app purchases

Concerned about your well-being? As the name goes, get answers in a single click to more than 2.5 million questions from leading doctors globally on various topics, articles on every health condition possible. The best part is, it’s free and personalized medical information with 24/7 guidance assistance.


Price: Free

We all love reminders, don’t we? Reminders are default amongst us all and are a great approach to keeping track of our daily routine and not fumbling out on essential things. In the same veins, MyTherapy is a famous pill reminder app with a couple of different tricks at its disposal. From prescriptions and measurements to exercises, the app’s reminder helps us stay be aware of our health. No more accidental overdosing with the MyTherapy app around.

Water Drink Reminder

Price: Free with in-app purchases

Do we drink enough water? Staying hydrated is essential to our health. Water Drink Reminder app has a straightforward user interface. You just have to enter your weight, then the app determines how much water intake your body requires every day. The app gives you the freedom to choose your own cups and pick your containers. Every time you update your water intake, the app will remind you of your drink.

Do you have any of these health apps already installed on yours? If I have missed out on something important, make a comment below.

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